Languages are for everyone! Enjoy learning two or more languages with our products, games and guides. Lil’ollo is for young learners from birth onwards, whether you are speaking several languages fluently at home or just getting started. Join our free club to receive free products, guides and more.

We believe early learning is at its most enjoyable and effective when it doesn’t ‘feel’ like learning, and is open for everyone to interpret in their own way. The practical application of our products helps to tie new languages to the home and everyday life; a method that research has shown to be effective for learning and development in all age groups. Our team work with language therapists, teachers, artists and designers to create a world that supports the discovery of language through play.

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Recent research has shown that exposing children to new languages can have a huge benefit to the way they learn and their social development, even if the languages aren’t spoken fluently at home. An early understanding that other languages exist can increase empathy and tolerance. There’s even evidence that bilingualism can improve brain function as well as brain health in later life and into old age.

The Lil’ollo product range incorporates simple, open products featuring a family of specially designed characters. Our characters, products and games have been built on some simple science behind how we learn languages. Our resident language therapist Ayelet talks us through this in the video to the left.

It is important to us that everyone can access our resources, and other helpful information so we have started a free language club. Here you can find a guide of games to play with your products, free products to download and print at home, a free e-book, pronunciation animations and other videos, and links to other companies you may find useful.

With so many of us moving around the globe, through travel, work and migration, speaking several languages and experiencing different cultures has become the norm. Our family roots span four different continents and over the past few generations six languages have been spoken. Far from being unusual, our children are in good company.

Language isn’t just spoken or words on a page. We learn through pictures, stories, songs, games, toys, films, food, culture… and everything in our homes and the world around us.
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From 6 months, children can recognise and learn up to five different languages. There are 6,500 languages spoken in the world, and over 100 spoken in the UK alone. Language is so important for everyone, especially when we are learning how to communicate and socialise at an early age.

When we were expecting our first child, we looked for fun, beautiful products in both English and Italian. It is important to us that our children can engage with both languages in an enjoyable way. We struggled to find what we were looking for so I decided to create products myself. I have a background in product design and after interest from other families decided to create Lil’ollo. Since then I have been working with language therapists, teachers, film makers, artists and designers to develop this exciting business.

We speak Italian, Spanish and English at home. Our three-year-old now understands and speaks all three. I am continually amazed at how children’s brains grow and develop. For a brilliant TED talk and more on early language learning please join our free language club.