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Global and Local Earth Day Activities for kids

Global and Local Earth Day Activities for kids to do throughout the year

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd each year. It is a day dedicated to raising awareness about climate change and the challenges facing our planet. 193 countries around the world join together, coordinated by the Earth Day Network, for a wide range of events. Topics include climate action, climate and environmental literacy, conservation and restoration, the great global clean up and more. 


It can be easy to be swallowed up in despair at what we’re facing, but hope is more powerful than fear. I am hopeful about the next generation and what we can achieve together. However, in order to want to protect the planet, children have to learn to love it first. This means fostering interest and curiosity about the world and all the people in it, no matter what age. It is important that we never underestimate the capacity of children to listen, to learn, to understand the things that are happening around them. 


There are lots of things we can do to raise earth loving kids. I have compiled a (non exhaustive!) list of Global and Local Earth Day Activities for kids you can play with a map of the world. We are making our colouring-in world map activity kit free until the end of the month, you can download it here


I have suggested local and global ideas around topics as we’ve found this really helps ‘think global, act local’ resonate with my 7 and 5 yr old. Pick a few and let us know how you get on. 

An image of the Lil'ollo world map colouring kit

Download your free map activity kit (pictured above) here >>


Global: Where does our food travel from? Local: What can we do at home? Can we plant things on the windowsill? In the garden? 


Global: Where has our family migrated to or from? Where have our friends’ families migrated to and from? Local: How many different cultures and nationalities are represented in our local area? 


Global: Finding endangered animals – where are they, why are they endangered? Local: What animals and insects can we see outside? What might we see as a pest? Can we find out what important job it does? 


Global: How do we get around the world? What effect do planes have? Local: Can we walk more & take the car less? 

Learning different languages:

Global: Pick a country and learn how to say ‘hello’ You can use a map of the world to talk about different languages with your children, pick a country and find out how to say hello! Some countries have a number of different official languages, South Africa has 11! Local: Do your neighbours speak a different language? How about your friends? 

Indigenous and first people:

Global: Where are indigenous communities around the world? Local: Find out more about the history of where you are living. If you have family members in other countries, find out about where they live too.

Who made our stuff: 

Global: Can we find out about where some of our toys are made? How far have they had to travel? Local: Can we make our own toys or games? 


Global: How is plastic made? Where do the materials come from? Why do we need to be careful with it? Local: How can we reduce and reuse plastic at home? 

You can download your map here. Don’t forget to keep in touch and let us know how you get on. 


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