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How to Give the Gift of Experiences to Your Kids This Christmas


Are you ready for Christmas? My eldest child is coming up to four and he certainly is! He’s bursting full of Christmas wonder and excitement. We are going to put the tree up tomorrow and I’m honestly not sure how he is going to contain himself thereafter! Having children has helped me connect with some of the magic of Christmas again.


They have also taught me to really soak up and cherish these moments as I know they won’t be little forever. I’d love to be able to make, package and share experiences like these but unfortunately that just isn’t their nature, and this also raises an interesting paradox with the spirit of giving at Christmas.


Part of this holiday’s magic is seeing presents under the tree. The only downside of experiences is you can’t really wrap them up and add them to the pile! If you are wrangling with this, I may have a solution for you. I recently came up with the idea of the Adventure Pack and I wanted to share it in case you find it useful too. The Adventure Pack is a beautiful printable folder, covered with a map of the world, that you can personalise at home. It also comes with tickets, complete with space for you to write whatever you would like.


Of course, your adventures could be anything and they needn’t be costly or even involve leaving the house. You could:

  • Go den building
  • Build an airplane from boxes and go around the world
  • Visit the zoo or a museum
  • Learn how to do a craft or a sport
  • Visit a new place

It could be sharing something you love and spending time with the little people in your life.

This is our Christmas present to you. If you would like an Adventure Pack for free until Christmas, just put your email in the form below and we will send you a link to download the file right away. As with all our printable products, you can print as many as you would like, but please make sure you read our terms and conditions prior to downloading.


Merry Christmas, everyone!
A x


Alex is a designer, writer, entrepreneur, problem solver and mother to two multilingual children. She is passionate about using design to improve people’s lives and has worked on projects around the world. Alex is a champion for languages and creative arts in early education and the creator of Lil’ollo.


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